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Q: Should I stop using Ameri Clinical products during the menstrual period?

Not necessary. No ingredient in Ameri products suggests that there is this type of restriction.



Q: Is there any food or beverage that should NOT be taken together with the tablets, like milk, coffee, or tea?

It is not required to change your diet during the use of Ameri Clinical products.



Q: Before using the cream, is a preliminary patch test necessary?

The exquisite and innovative ingredients of the cream do not require a preliminary patch test before the use. However, as with any skincare product, there is always the possibility that some people may have a reaction to this or any product.



Q: Is there any fragrance in the Ameri Clinical breast enhancement cream?

No. Ameri Clinical is 100% fragrance-free. We use only pure botanical and essential oil for the pleasant scent.



Q: Is there any paraben in the Ameri Clinical products?

No. Ameri Clinical products is 100% paraben-free. Your health is always our top priority.



Q: How does Ameri Clinical cream work?

Ameri Clinical cream helps restore breast size by the synergy of pure natural nutrients and three legendary patented ingredients. Ameri Clinical breast enhancement cream is formulated with an ideal 5% concentration of Volufiline. The efficacy of  5 % Volufiline™ in promoting the installation of fat has been proven by clinical trials. Please visit HOW IT WORKS for more information.



Q: Will I gain weight during the use of Ameri Clinical products?

No. Observation shows that the users’ body weight remains stable during the use of Ameri Clinical products.



Q: What results can I expect?

The results may vary among individuals. The set is formulated to meet the nutritional needs, enhance breasts, remodel the contour and prevent sagging. Some users have seen a increase in as little as 2 weeks.



Q: Where are the Ameri Clinical products formulated and manufactured?

All of the Ameri Clinical products are formulated and manufactured in U.S.A. We only use raw materials from GMP certified raw material vendors. You can always count on the purity and effectiveness of our products. Our laboratory, manufacturing and packaging facilities insure the highest quality of each and every product.



Q: Are the results permanent?

The maintenance of the achieved results could be affected by numerous factors, like diet and breastfeeding. Under such circumstances, we recommend a maintenance program by using the cream 1 to 3 times per week, and take 1 to 2 tablets daily to support the breast health and maintain the achieved results.



Q: Is it safe to use Ameri Clinical products during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Although the active ingredients are 100% natural, we do not recommend using the products during pregnancy or breastfeeding.



Q: Do Ameri Clinical products have any side effects?

No known side effects.



Q: Can I use Ameri Clinical products after menopause?

Of course. In fact, many ingredients of Ameri Clinical products are beneficial to the general health after menopause.




If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.



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